Chicago, IL  ||  November 5 - 7, 2015

Willow Creek Community Church


World Renowned Speakers That Will Help You See Life Differently

Donald Miller

Shauna Niequist

Bob Goff

Korie Robertson

Jeremy Cowart

Miles Adcox

Tripp Crosby

Justin & Patrick

Breakout Speakers

Mark and Jan Foreman

Bill and Laurie Lokey

J.J. Peterson

Allison Vesterfelt

What is The Storyline Conference?

At Storyline, we believe people who live clear, meaningful lives have the greatest influence on culture.

When you attend The Storyline Conference you’ll be inspired, gain clarity and leave with a life plan. Our story based process has lead thousands to discover lasting change and a life of meaning. On top of it all, you’ll hear from a lineup of world renowned speakers share their incredible stories of how they see life differently.

The conference only happens once a year, so don’t miss your chance to join our community of like minded people just crazy enough to ask themselves, “What would the world miss if I don’t tell my story?”

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What Do You Get When You Come To Storyline?

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What people are saying about the Storyline Conference


We've added a bonus 3rd day to the conference for those who register at Experience Pro. If you're a writer, speaker, preacher, teacher, screenwriter, blogger or any other kind of "er" in which you need to influence people with your words, stick around for the "How to Tell a Story" workshop after Storyline. You don't want to miss Donald Miller's full day of sharing everything he's learned in the last decade about telling stories.

Register now, and you'll leave with:


An easy process for creating blog posts, books, lesson plans, sermons and speeches.

An understanding for why your students, readers or fans haven’t been connecting with your message; and how to change that.

A firm grip on how to use the concepts of story to stand out from the crowd and be more compelling.

Inspiration to create remarkable stories that will move your audience.

The confidence that comes when you know exactly how to communicate what you’re trying to say.


Those who tell great stories will always be chosen as leaders.
It's the most important skill a person can learn.

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